Orthodontics is a part of dentistry concerning the proper development of jaws,   arrangement of the teeth and the removal the harmful habits such as mouth breathing , improper swallowing, tongue thrusting or thumb sucking.

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Children development age 3-6 years is a very important stage of the development of the face and dental arches. Children’s teeth, jaw positioning, jaws symmetry, tooth spacing, breathing, and other bad habits that may lead to misalignment of the jaws and face are also monitored. Parents role is extremely important in observing and detecting regular mouth breathing and snoring. When the child is sleeping with open mouth, the tongue is in a wrong position as a result the upper arch does not develop normally, it becomes narrow the upper teeth go forward, this will lead to under development of the floor of the nose as well as the lower jaw.
The ENT specialist plays an important role in detecting the causes of the mouth berating and snoring. The most common cause are enlarged adenoids, or a combination of enlarged adenoids and tonsils. And although the adenoids and tonsil decrease in size after a certain age, this happens when the children's jaw development is almost finished, and it will be too late for adequate treatment. Treatment at an early age is very successful and can eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatment.
The American Orthodontic Association recommends that all children should be examined by orthodontists before the age of seven. Since 60% of the maxillofacial development is finished at the age of eight, and 90% by the age of twelve, therefore orthodontic therapy should start as early as possible.

First phase:

The first stage of orthodontic treatment includes clearing the airways and eliminating bad habits such as tongue or thumb sucking.

Second phase:

The second phase of orthodontic treatment if needed will start during the phase of intensive growth (Age 6-12) with the use removable or fixed functional appliances to achieve maximum results.

Third phase:

The third phase orthodontic treatment if needed starts when all the permanent teeth have emerged, and is performed with fixed metallic or aesthetic braces.

Orthodontics for adults

When performing orthodontic treatment on adults beside the fixed braces in some cases when indicated the treatment is performed with a series of transparent aligners (Invisaline) designed to straighten the teeth.
The orthodontic analysis is started by taking an imprints of the patients upper and lower teeth, a series of photo shots, as well as X-Rays of the face and jaws.
Dr. Danov will use this data to analyse the teeth, bite, jaws and facial bones growth. The analysis results as well as the most adequate treatment plan will be suggested and carefully explained by Dr. Danov.

Our philosophy

- Early orthodontic development of the dental arches.
- Non-extraction treatment (without teeth removal)
- Improving facial aesthetics
- Healthy teeth and joints
- Minimum time for fixed treatment with braces.